School Governors


The role of the governing board is a strategic one, with three key functions:

  1. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making  sure its money is well spent.
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  3. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

Governors  set the aims and objectives for the school. They set the policies and targets for achieving those aims and objectives. They monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and act as a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend).

Our School Governors are instrumental in the running of our school and are currently in the process of updating their profile for inclusion in this page.  I will post each profile, once it has been finalized.



Alan Johnson, Chair of the Governing Body

‘I joined the Governing Body in 2000 having been appointed by Hertfordshire County Council and am currently a Kings Langley Parish Councillor; my 3 children subsequently attended this school.  I am a founding trustee of the Kings Langley Primary School Charitable Foundation which has been raising funds for the school since 2004 through the 100+ Club and, more recently, organising the Kings Langley Puffaten.

My wife Ann currently ‘runs’ the 100+ Club and the school’s Garden Club. The Garden Club receives some seedcorn funding from the school budget.

Before I retired I worked for the Metropolitan Police Commissioner of Police and then the Mayor of London  in a wide range of roles including finance, premises, health and safety, professional standards and human resources. I am currently Chair of Kings Langley Scout Group, Secretary and Treasurer of the Kings Langley Good Neighbours Association and a trustee of Kings Langley Charities. I am committed to ensuring local children have the best start in life so that they reach their full potential and have fun.’


Andy Tongue, Parent Governor and Vice-chair

I was elected Parent Governor in 2017 and have two children at the school (Years 1 and 3) with a young baby who will follow their footsteps in due course. We have lived in the village since 2012 and I was keen to contribute to the Kings Langley community and bring a fresh perspective from the playground to the school board.

I’m an Assistant Director in the Brand, Marketing and Communication team at EY (formerly Ernst & Young), the global professional services firm, where I am part of the EY Foundation, which mentors inner-London sixth-formers, and also an active participant in and supporter of both adult and youth local sports clubs.



Matthew Cooper, Co-opted Governor

‘I have been a community governor at the school since 2006, when I moved to Kings Langley.  I am the Link governor for English, Geography and RE.

My role as the minister at the Baptist Church in The Nap gives me the opportunity to visit the school during the day and support various activities.  I especially enjoy leading assemblies, watching performances and occasionally joining in with school trips.

My own children both enjoyed attending Kings Langley Secondary School but not Kings Langley Primary as they began their school life near Rugby in Warwickshire; where I was also governor at the local infant school and a trustee of the school nursery.’



Angela Jackman, Co-opted Governor 

‘I am the deputy head of the school, and spend most of my time in the lower school, ensuring that the key skills of Reading, Writing and Number are secure, in order that our children can continue to  flourish in the upper years.

I have spent all of my teaching career at Kings Langley Primary School and particularly enjoy the links that we have with the village and the local community.’



Jacqui Walton Jones, Co-opted Governor

‘I have been an active member of the Governing Body since 2013.  I am currently the link Governor for SEND and Safeguarding and sit on the Complaints Panel.

Two of my children attended Kings Langley Primary and immensely enjoyed their primary school years. My son left Year 6 last year to join his older sister at her secondary school and I also have a pre-school child.

I have worked in education for the past 20 years, in my current position as Assistant Head of a primary school, in another Borough.  I feel I have a good range of experience and expertise to bring to the role of Governor at Kings Langley Primary, to help ensure that all our children access quality first teaching in a setting that allows them to grow and flourish, whatever their starting points.

I live in Hemel Hempstead and with family and community links in Kings Langley, I feel privileged to be part of the local area and play an active role in the life of the school.’



Clare Macdonald, Parent Governor

‘I was elected a parent Governor in 2013, and Chair of the Safeguarding Committee in 2014. I have two children at school in Years 5 and 2.

I come from an educational background, having been a primary school class teacher and SENCO for some years, before working in my current position, as an Advisor, for a neighbouring local authority. My professional skills form an integral part of my role as Governor.

I have always believed in the adage ‘It takes a village to raise a child’; hence wanting to play a part in our local community by ensuring the best outcomes for all children that attend Kings Langley Primary School.’



Andrew Kerse, Co-opted governor


Sacha Relf, Staff Governor and Office Administrator




Name Term of office Committee member with full voting rights
Alan Johnson

LEA governor

01.11.16-31.10.20 Chair of the Governing Body and sits on all sub committees
Clare Macdonald

Parent governor

07.11.17-06.11.21 Chair of the Safeguarding sub committee
Matthew Cooper

Co-opted governor

01.09.14-31.08.18 Sits on the Safeguarding and Personnel sub committees
Jacqui Walton-Jones

Co-opted governor

01.09.14-31.08.18 Sits on the Safeguarding sub committee and is Chair of the Curriculum sub committee
Paula Harris


from 01.04.08….. Sits on all sub committees
Angela Jackman

Co-opted governor

01.10.17-31.09.21 Sits on the Premises/Finance, the Curriculum and the Personnel sub committees
Sacha Relf

Staff governor

01.09.14-31.08.18 Sits on the Premises/Finance sub committee
Andrew Kerse

Co-opted governor

Andy Tongue

Parent governor


matthewMeeting records for the Academic Year 2016-17

Meeting date Meeting type Members present
27.09.16 Full Governing Body Deb Ludlow, Hollie Franklin, Alison Nash, Sacha Relf, Matthew Cooper, Alan Johnson, Tim Harrop, Angela Jackman, Paula Harris, Juliette Markham, Jacqui Walton-Jones
03.11.16 Personnel sub committee Paula Harris, Angela Jackman, Alan Johnson, Juliette Markham, Matthew Cooper
22.11.16 Full Governing Body Hollie Franklin,   Sacha Relf,  Deb Ludlow, Alan Johnson, Tim Harrop, Clare Macdonald, Jacqui Walton-Jones, Angela Jackman, Paula Harris, Matthew Cooper
14.11.16 Curriculum sub committee Paula Harris, Angela Jackman, Deb Ludlow, Hollie Curtis, Jacquie Walton-Jones
04.11.16 Safeguarding sub committee Paula Harris, Jacqui Walton-Jones, Clare Macdonald, Matthew Cooper, Deb Ludlow
03.10.16 Premises/Finance sub committee Paula Harris, Angela Jackman, Sacha Relf, Tim Harrop, Alan Johnson
06.02.17 Premises/Finance sub committee Paula Harris, Sacha Relf, Tim Harrop, Alan Johnson, Angela Jackman
28.02.17 Full Governing Body  Sacha Relf,  Tim Harrop, Alan Johnson, Clare Macdonald, Angela Jackman, Paula Harris, Jacqui Walton-Jones, Juliette Markham, Andrew Kerse
09.03.17 Personnel sub committee Paula Harris, Angela Jackman, Juliette Markham, Alan Johnson
20.03.17 Curriculum sub committee Paula Harris, Angela Jackman, Deb Ludlow, Hollie Curtis, Jacqui Walton-Jones
10.03.17 Safeguarding sub committee Paula Harris,  Deb Ludlow, Jacqui Walton-Jones, Clare Macdonald
08.05.17 Premises/Finance sub committee Paula Harris, Angela Jackman, Sacha Relf, Tim Harrop, Alan Johnson
16.05.17 Full Governing Body Deb Ludlow,  Sacha Relf, Matthew Cooper, Alan Johnson, Tim Harrop, Clare Macdonald, Angela Jackman, Paula Harris, Jacqui Walton-Jones, Juliette Markham. Hollie Franklin, Andrew Kerse
18.07.17 Full Governing Body Sacha Relf, Matthew Cooper, Hollie Franklin, Jacqui Walton-Jones, Alan Johnson, Tim Harrop, Clare Macdonald, Angela Jackman, Paula Harris, Andrew Kerse, Deb Ludlow, Juliette Markham






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